Inflating express 2016


New offer on inflation

It is the compressor that had dropped us during the holidays of the end of the year, a summer repaired; It is set out again for 2016 with a new more advantageous tariff and a compensation for the 2015 subscribers who have suffered the inconveniences related to this breakdown during the holidaysAir Express kitesurf Guadeloupe 2

Offer 2016 at 30 € the year.

This year 2016, we propose inflating at the annual subscriber rate of 30 € instead of 50 €. So much faster and cheaper than buying a pump (40 to 50 €), offer you one year of subscription for 30 € only. Air Express kitesurf Guadeloupe 4

Free until January 31, 2016

All 2015 subscribers who had not been able to use the compressor free of charge until the end of January 2016.
Air Express kitesurf Guadeloupe 3

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