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Kiteboard Lessons

Discorver :cours de kite guadeloupe

One session to discover the heart of activity: how to control  a kite.
After the presentation of the material, you will learn how to set up a kite,  and also security points. With the monitor assistance you hold the kite bar and discover the steering of the wing, its reactions and your first sensations of  pulling force.

1 session90€ (Kite equipment and safety equipment included)> Book

Initiation :

kitesurf enfants

3 sessions to introduce you to the reality of the activity: coordinate both kite + board.
Now that you know how to prepare your equipment, launching and fly a kite, you learn how to control your wing in water, in various situations (towed and powered swimming, water re-launch, single-handed steering). Once validated all the necessary points, you will then try to put on your board and try your first departure, the waterstart. This phase requires your COORDINATION skill!

3 sessions 260€ (Kite equipment and safety equipment included)> Book

Autonomy :cours kitesurf foil

5 sessions to learn how to kite your own wings in safety: autonomy.
You have taken pleasure in performing your first slides. What about the safety side? It remains for you to know what and how to do in the majority of situations. And then, you will learn to sail up wind to avoid walking a lot, as well as many tricks to better kite and take more fun.

5 sessions400€ (Kite equipment and safety equipment included) > Book

Further education or training:surfkite guadeloupe

A session for a resumption in hand of its material on the spot, or else to continue learning whatever your level.

One session90€ (Kite equipment and safety equipment included)> Book

Private lessons :cours kitesurf kitefoil guadeloupe

The right formula to progress quickly, alone with your monitor, is therefore more assistance and more advices.

Session 1h30150€ (Kite equipment and safety equipment included) > Book

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