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Live an unforgettable kitesurfing and wingfoil experience in Guadeloupe with Sainte Anne Kiteschool

Nos tarifs

  • Un cours particulier de kitesurf ou wingfoil pour une expérience inoub...

    1 h

  • Un cours particulier de kitesurf ou wingfoil pour une progression rapi...

    2 h

  • Un cours duo de kitesurf ou wingfoil pour une progression rapide.

    2 h

  • Un cours duo kitesurf ou wingfoil pour une progression rapide.

    2 h

  • Un cours duo de kitesurf pour une progression rapide.

    3 h

  • Un cours de kitesurf sur foil pour gouter à de nouvelles sensations

    2 h


La Location

  • Location d'un Pack complet : Aile + Planche + harnais + TwinTip

    40€ pour 1h
  • Location d'un Pack complet : Aile + Planche + harnais + TwinTip

    70€ pour 2h

Sainte Anne Kiteschool: The kitesurf and wingfoil school for an unforgettable experience in Guadeloupe

Welcome to Sainte Anne Kiteschool, the kitesurf and wingfoil school located in the heart of the magnificent town of Sainte Anne in Guadeloupe at Anse du Belley. We are passionate about skiing and our goal is to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience in a safe and friendly environment.

Our certified instructors accompany you throughout your learning, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We offer lessons suitable for all levels and all ages, solo or in pairs. We provide you with all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your session.

We are also proud of our commitment to the environment and the preservation of our magnificent spot. We work with eco-responsible equipment and regularly organize beach cleaning actions.


Join us for a unique adventure in an exceptional setting. Come and discover the pleasures of skiing in Guadeloupe with Sainte Anne Kiteschool.


The apprenticeship of champions

First of all you will start by discovering sensations with the bar, the kite and then the board. Learning to resist with the harness and getting comfortable in the water while maintaining your balance in front of the kite are essential steps in learning to kitesurf.

You will learn how to fly the kite safely and keep it stable for moving and boarding and cruising. You will be able to put the kite in motion fluidly to generate traction with your kite to get out of the water and continue gliding.

For Wing lessons, learning will also depend on your experience in sliding sports but no prior experience is necessary. You will learn to handle the Wing, then you will train on a stable board, to discover sliding and learn to place your support on the board.

The kite and the wing are not tests of strength, it is certainly necessary to mobilize your abs and your legs but the glide is the result of the coordination of several simple movements. Rest assured, each movement will be explained to you step by step.

We are learning experts, the proof we train champions!



(590) 690 709 495  |

Anse du Belley Sainte-Anne, 97180, Guadeloupe


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For the practice of the courses you must absolutely subscribe to an insurance. We recommend the AFKITE insurance which will cover you in the event of damage for the practice of kitesurfing. Fill in the form and choose the student status.

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