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frequently asked Questions




1. What are the differences between kitesurfing and wingsurfing?


Kitesurfing allows you to glide on the water thanks to a kite that is piloted with a bar.

Wingsurfing is similar to windsurfing, you hold the sail in your hands, there is no mast, a lighter inflatable structure replaces the mast.

2. What will be my level of kitesurfing after five sessions?


A five-day course generally allows access to skiing on both sides, and knowing how to return to one's starting point is the beginning of autonomy! Sainte-Anne Kite School will adapt to your level to provide you with personalized advice.

If you have already practiced a sliding sport (wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc.), this will help you progress more quickly on the board.

3. How many lessons will I need to fly a wingsurf?


From the first lesson, even completely novice, you will be able to feel the pleasure of sliding in wingsurf (on paddle). You will need one to three sessions to become independent in your movements on the water. Understanding your trajectories in relation to the wind (the gaits) will give you the possibility to better control your balance and your speed once in flight. On the foil board, one, two, or more sessions will allow you to refine the management of your support to fly. As you improve your arm/leg pumping coordination, you will be able to access the flight more and more effectively. 


With a good level of windsurfing or foil, you will be able to fly from the first lesson.

4. Is all the material provided?


The school provides you with shoes, helmets, flotation vest and kitesurfing harness. 

We advise you to bring a bottle of water and sunscreen, Sunglasses, Lycra, sunscreen and a bottle of water

5. Why do I have to take out a license?


The license includes insurance which is compulsory for the practice of kitesurfing and wingsurfing/wingfoiling in schools. Sainte-Anne Kite School is affiliated with AFKITE. The daily or annual insurance covers you in Civil Liability for the damage that you could cause to others and in Individual Accident for yourselves.

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